Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest – Ultimate Guide (2023)

The digital age has brought new opportunities to make money online – and one of the most popular ways is through Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Pinterest, as one of the largest social media platforms, provides an ideal environment to maximize Amazon Affiliate Marketing profits.

In this blog post, we will discuss the right ways to promote Amazon Affiliate Products on Pinterest.

By the end, you’ll have the formula to make Pinterest a self-sufficient source of affiliate traffic for your blog.

Let’s dive in

Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest – Everything You Should Know

Amazon affiliate marketing on Pinterest
Amazon affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Following the Rules of Both Platforms

First, you need to know the two main rules:

  1. Does Pinterest allow direct affiliate links?
  2. Does Amazon allow promotion on Pinterest?

Fortunately, the answer to both these questions is yes.

You can directly promote affiliate links on Pinterest.

But, you do have to list your Pinterest account in your Amazon Associate account.

Amazon doesn’t allow affiliates to promote affiliate links on any website.

Amazon wants to know the sources you’re using to promote its products.

Should You Promote Affiliate Links Directly on Pinterest?

While it’s okay to paste affiliate links directly in the pin description, it’s not an affiliate marketing best practice.

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This is because people generally don’t search Pinterest to buy stuff.

They’re there to view or read the information that can make their decision easier.

When you redirect them to the brand website, they won’t get any additional value.

They would have gone to the official website themselves.

What you want to do is use a bridge page that connects your affiliate offer with the pin.

This bridge page should have all the information about the product you’re promoting.

In other words, optimize your landing page for conversions to make sure the traffic lands on it converts.

So, should you promote affiliate links directly on Pinterest?

No. You shouldn’t.

Note that Pinterest doesn’t prohibit affiliate links, so you’ll be following the terms, but it’s not generally a good practice.

How to Promote Amazon Affiliate Products on Pinterest?

The best way to promote Amazon affiliate products on Pinterest is by creating great pins for your affiliate articles.

What this means is to use Pinterest to get more eyeballs on your affiliate landing pages or product reviews.

How to Find What People are Looking for on Pinterest?

Now, before creating an affiliate pin for an article or landing page, find the right keywords.

Keywords that are being searched by Pinterest audience related to your topic.

The easiest way of doing that is by looking at the suggestions Pinterest gives when you type in a keyword into its search bar.

The list of suggestions indicates what Pinterest users are putting in that search bar.

Use these keywords in your pin’s content to drive traffic to it.

How to Optimize a Pin for Amazon Affiliate Articles

First things first – when creating a pin, it helps to have an eye-catching image that stands out from all of the other content on Pinterest and will draw in viewers.

Images should be attractive and include vibrant colors that catch someone’s eye right away. Make sure any text is large enough to read and easy to see – after all, people are scrolling quickly!

When adding your description text, make sure it’s concise yet captivating so it gives readers a taste of what they could get with just one click.

Add keywords to your headline and description to ensure your pin appears in relevant searches and add hashtags for even more visibility.

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How to Create Pins for Amazon Affiliate Articles?

Use a free tool like Canva to create eye-catching Pinterest pins with a simple drag-and-drop action.

You don’t even have to create a pin from scratch.

Canva already has pre-designed templates that you can use as a starting point.

Now that you know how to create a converting pin, let’s talk about how you can craft a converting landing page.

How to Create a Converting Landing Page or Affiliate Review Page

Now, the landing page could be an article that talks about an affiliate product.

If it’s an article you want to bring traffic to, here are a few copywriting tips on converting visitors:

First and foremost, it’s important to clearly identify the audience that you’re writing for.

Think about their needs, interests, or pain points so that you can tailor your writing accordingly.

It’s also important to structure your copy in a way that guides the reader from one point to another without overwhelming them with too much information at once.

Keep it concise and make sure each paragraph has its own focus and purpose. 

When crafting headlines, think of words that will grab the attention of your readership and make sure they accurately reflect what the content is about.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest: FAQs

Can You Put Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

Yes, you can put Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. But, you have to list your channel on your Amazon Associates account as Amazon tracks the sources you generate sales from. Pinterest, as of now, has no limitations on using affiliate links on the platform.

Is Affiliate Marketing Allowed on Pinterest?

Yes, affiliate marketing is allowed on Pinterest. If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you can promote e-commerce products in two ways: By directing promoting affiliate links, and by promoting affiliate articles. The second method is recommended.

How to Promote Amazon Affiliate Products on Pinterest without a Blog?

You can promote Amazon affiliate products on Pinterest without a blog by using a landing page builder like Alternatively, you can promote your products directly on the platform, although that’s not recommended.

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