Best Employee Team Building Games for Improving Productivity at Work

Games for team building are frequently derided. Nobody wants to spend time with coworkers engaging in awkward activities, especially if they feel compelled to do so.

Team building doesn’t have to be tedious or unpleasant, though, which is the key point. Your team may bond through the correct team-building exercises, which can increase engagement and productivity.

Employee Team Building Games to Try Indoors

What’s My Name? 

Using “yes” or “no” questions, players in the team-building activity “What’s my name?” attempt to guess a person’s name. 

Players: This team-building activity can be played with just about any size group.

Each participant names a person and writes their name on a name tag that sticks to themselves. The person could be a celebrity, an iconic figure, a well-known athlete, or even a client of your business. The name tag is then attached to the back of a different player so that only the other players can know who it belongs to. 

2048 Game:

2048 game by is a math puzzle game that helps you to refresh your mind. It is an online web based game that is totally free. This is an addictive game. This game is very easy and simple to play. You just need to merge the tiles to combine numbers and get to the 2048 tile. 

Office Trivia Game:

Not only are there entertaining quiz games conducted in that “Friends” episode. At any employee gathering, this team-building activity will put your team’s knowledge about the workplace to the test and help break the ice. 

No Smiling:

Even the most serious teams are expected to giggle at this team-building energizer, which can re-engage the group under pressure.

Players: Fits groups of any size, but the more the merrier.

How to play: Before a meeting or party begins, invite everyone to sit down and instruct your staff that they are not permitted to smile for a short while. find out who can endure the longest. 

Why do you play? An excellent way to inject some humor and upbeat energy into any occasion, even meetings. 

Ultimate dinner party:

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Who would you invite to dinner if you could invite anyone? is a question that is frequently asked. Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, or Lady Gaga? You’ll be shocked by the responses you get if you use this question as a team-building exercise. 

The barter puzzle:

Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just entertaining; they can sharpen mental abilities and increase focus. Your team will learn to work together and make judgments under pressure by participating in the jigsaw barter puzzle

12 to 20 players, split into teams of four or five, is the ideal number of players. 

Playing instructions: Divide your team into groups of equal size. Each team receives a uniquely distinctive yet equally challenging jigsaw puzzle. They have a specific amount of time to finish the problem. 

The additional challenge in this situation is that some of the puzzle pieces they need will be in the pile of another team. 

To finish their puzzle before the other teams is the aim of each team. Additionally, they have to persuade the other teams to return the missing components, whether through negotiation, team member exchange, barter, time donation to another team, etc. 


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