Semrush Review: Everything You Need to Know

Semrush is basically an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps businesses and marketers improve their online presence.

So, why is Semrush important?

Well, it offers a complete solution for all your digital marketing needs, saving you time and effort.

Whether you want to improve your search engine visibility, track your social media performance, or create engaging content, Semrush has got your back!

In this blog post, we’re gonna give you the lowdown on Semrush!

We’ll be covering all the features, benefits, and how you can use the software to boost your online presence.

I’ll be breaking down Semrush’s features, pros, and cons so that you have a full picture before investing in this tool.

Let’s dive in.

Semrush Review: Everything You Need to Know

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What Can Semrush Do?

So, here’s the list of things you can do with Semrush.

Keyword Research: Ability to find easy-to-rank keywords in a niche or industry

Vidnoz AI: Create Free AI Videos in 1 Minute

Site Audit: Ability to audit and identify technical and on-page SEO issues of your website

Backlink Analysis: Ability to monitor backlinks of ANY website!

Advertising Research: Ability to analyze competitors’ ad campaigns and strategies

Social Media Management: Manage your social media accounts and track their performance

Content Creation and Marketing: Create and manage content and analyze its performance

Competitive Analysis: Ability to analyze competitors and identify their strategies

Clearly, it’s more than you get on any other SEO tool out there.

Semrush is like your SEO/PPC/Social media management/content marketing assistant!

Grab the free 7-Day Trial and see for yourself!

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Here’s what you have to do:

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Let’s dive in the detailed review.

Audit Your Website

SEMrush site audit feature

Semrush lets you audit your whole website: Identify its weaknesses and potential growth opportunities!

Go to the “Site Audit” tab and click on “Create Project”.

Then enter your website’s URL.

Then, adjust the site audit settings as you need.

Semrush Review: Everything You Need to Know 1

Once you hit “Start Site Audit”, Semrush will take some time to analyze your website.

It’ll come up with the following report:

SEMrush site audit tool

You get to know about issues that your site is facing.

SEMrush site audit top issues

Once you’re ready, you can download the site audit report as a PDF or a CSV.

Download SEMrush site audit report as a PDF or a CSV

Audit Your Site with a Free Semrush Trial

Create SEO Content Template

SEMrush SEO content template

The tool analyzes the top 10 Google results for your target keyword/s and creates a comprehensive report in seconds.

SEMrush SEO content template for affiliate marketing keyword

You can use these keywords, backlinks, and text length to create a piece of content better than all of your competitors…

…and rank at the top of Google’s first page for your target keyword/s as fast as possible.

Semrush SEO content template also tells you how your competitors are using this keyword in their content.

SEMrush SEO content template Competitors' use of keywords in their content

Semrush On-Page SEO Checker

SEMrush on page SEO checker

To get ideas about the on-page SEO of any website, just enter its URL and hit “Get Ideas”.

You’ll see the following settings:

Semrush Review: Everything You Need to Know 2

Click “Continue”.

Next, add pages to optimize:

Add pages to optimize

The software will then analyze these pages and suggest a list of ideas for each one of them.

SEMrush on page SEO chcker idea generation

That’s super powerful!

For instance, here are a couple of powerful on-page SEO ideas it gives about the blog post “Is Canva Good for Video Editing”:

Semrush Review: Everything You Need to Know 3

You can use these suggestions to improve the organic rankings of this particular web page or blog post.

Try This Powerful Feature for Free

Analyze the Competition

SEMrush competitive analysis

Using the “Domain Overview” tool, you can analyze your own website as well as your competitors’ websites.

Just enter a URL and hit “Search”.

The tool will produce a detailed report of the website.

Let’s break it down into several parts; here’s the top-most part of the report looks like:

SEMrush domain overview tool

The above-the-fold part of the report tells you about the authority, organic monthly search traffic, and backlinks of that domain.

You can click on each one of these and get into the details.

Here’s what the second part of the report looks like:

SEMrush Domain overview report

This part of the report tells you which parts of the world the website is attracting traffic from and the paid traffic.

The lower part showcases the SEP features and the historic trend of the organic keywords.

Next, the report showcases the details of the organic keywords.

SEMrush domain overview: Organic research

I find this extremely powerful because you can get a list of top-ranking keywords of a competitor.

The right-hand section of this research tells you the organic position distribution of these keywords.

Next, you get to know the domain’s top-ranking keywords by intent and main organic competitors.

Domain overview report - keywords by intent and competitors

Scrolling down, you’ll see the list of backlinks pointing to this domain.

Domain overview in SEMrush - backlinks, do-follow, no-follow, and backlink types

If this is your competitor, you can replicate their backlink profile and outrank them on SERPs (search engine results pages).

The next portion of the report tells you the top anchors and referring domains.

SEMrush top anchors and referring domains

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Level Up Your Keyword Research

Semrush is, without a doubt, one of the best SEO tools for keyword research.

It gives you specific long-tail keywords for your seed query.

The “Keyword Magic Tool” gives you a laundry list of keywords related to your seed keyword.

Keyword magic tool

You can even filter these keywords based on “Intent”, “KD – keyword difficulty”, monthly search volume (Vol), and more.

The left column (By number, by volume) lets you focus on the keywords and get more relevant ideas.

Here’s what it gets for the keyword “Tool”.

SEMrush keyword magic tool

I really like the “Keyword overview” report – It gives you a long list of keyword variations.

SEMrush keyword overview

You can use these variations to create content clusters and build authority on a parent topic.

In addition, the SERP analysis report tells you the details about the first-page results for a particular keyword.

SERP Analysis in SEMrush

The number of referring domains and backlinks can help you gauge a web page’s authority.

The lesser the referring domains of a web page the easier it would be to outrank it for your target keyword.

Position Tracking

The position tracking tool lets you track the position of your keywords on SERPs.

Position tracking SEMrush

Next-Level Link-Building

The backlink analytics tool of Semrush lets you analyze YOUR website’s backlink profile…

…as well as your COMPETITORS’ backlink profiles.

SEMrush backlink analytics tool

Here’s what this powerful tool generated for my website:

SEMrush backlink analytics tool
Semrush backlink analytics

As you can see, the Semrush backlinks report tells you your domains:

  • Referring domains (Domains or websites pointing towards that website)
  • Backlinks (Total backlinks pointing to that website – multiple backlinks can come from a single referring domain)

The backlink report also tells you the number of outbound domains the website link to:

SEMrush backlink report - outbound domains

The report also gets into the details of these referring domains and backlinks. It tells you:

  • The historic trend of referring domains and backlinks
  • New and lost referring domains and backlinks
  • Categories of these backlinks and domains and anchor texts
  • Referring domains and backlinks by authority score
  • Backlink types (text, image)
  • TLD distribution
  • Top countries
  • Top pages

Super powerful!

Try Semrush for Free!

Backlink Audit

SEMrush backlink audit

To audit a website’s backlink profile, simply create a new project and enter its URL and name.

The audit report gives your website’s backlinks a toxicity score indicating the quality of those backlinks.

Semrush finds unwanted backlinks and lets you remove them from your site.

Link-Building Tool

Semrush level helps you build relevant, quality backlinks to your website.

To use this tool, click on “Link-Building Tool”, create a new project, and enter your main keywords.

SEMrush link-building tool

Add your competitors and start link-building.

add your competitors

You’ll get a list of prospects for link-building.

Link-building prospects in SEMrush link-building tool

You can then get in touch with these webmasters and get them to link to your site.

Advertise Like a Pro

Unlike other tools, Semrush isn’t only an SEO platform; it also has powerful advertising tools.

SEMrush advertising tools

It helps you analyze your market, find profitable keywords, track your ads, and optimize social media ads.

In other words, you get to run your ad and SEO campaigns from a single platform.

Try Semrush for Free!


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