vs Podia: Which is Better? (2023)

In this vs Podia comparison review, you’ll learn everything you need to learn to confidently pick the better option.

Of course, both tools are great, which is probably why you’re reading this, but they may not be ideal for all business owners.

I’ve used both tools, so you’ll be getting first-hand knowledge about them.

Let’s dive into this vs Podia review. Vs Podia: Which is Better for You?

What is review is an all-in-one online marketing software that can help you sell anything with:

  • Email marketing automation
  • Sales funnels and landing pages
  • And sell anything including digital products, online courses, and physical goods
  • Create membership sites
  • Create your own affiliate program and boost conversions
  • Webinars
  • And more!

Importantly, is perfect for all types and sizes of businesses.

Impressively, it offers a generous free plan where you can manage a 2000-member subscribers list and use all other features.

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What is Podia?

Podia is a alternative, so you’ll get all the same features on its all-in-one marketing platform.

You can use Podia for:

  • Email marketing automation
  • Membership sites
  • Courses
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Landing pages
  • And more

But, should you go with Podia or

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Let’s now take a look at vs Podia differences. Vs Podia: The Differences

Sales Funnel sales funnel builder review lets you create sales funnels for your business with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Plus, there are plenty of pre-built templates to choose from, so you can get a jump-start and complete your designs quickly.

On the flip side, Podia also lets you create converting sales funnels with ease. The software comes with ready-made templates as well.

Podia Vs Free Plans

Podia’s free plan offers almost everything but it charges an 8% fee on whatever you sell with them.

Podia Free plan review

In addition, you can only create draft courses and draft webinars on the free plan.

So, although it lets you create courses and webinars, they can only go live on the paid plans.

Plus, you can’t have an affiliate program, priority support, and onboarding calls on the free forever plan.

The advantage is that you get:

  • A full website
  • Email marketing automation
  • Live chat
  • Full community
  • 1 download (Digital product)
  • 1 coaching product

On the other side, has an even more generous free plan. vs Podia: Which is Better? (2023) 1

As you can see, on the free plan of, you can have a list of 2000 email subscribers and send unlimited emails to them.

In addition, you get 3 sales funnels, 1 blog, 1 course, unlimited community members, and much more!

So, when it comes to the free plan, seems to take the lead.

Landing Page Builders

Podia and both offer an intuitive landing page builder to help you build sales funnels and landing pages.

Both let you create and customize your pages with a simple drag-and-drop action.

I really like Podia’s initial customization options which let you upload your logo and pick your branding color.

Podia landing page customization options

Here’s more:

Podia landing page customization options

You can then customize your Podia landing page however you like.

Podia landing page options landing page builder doesn’t lag behind and offers everything you need to create converting landing pages and websites.

You’ll need to create a new funnel to start building your landing page. funnel

To create a landing page, just click on the “Create” option.

You’ll then find a few landing page templates to choose from. landing page templates

Pick the one you like and start making changes according to whatever looks good to you.

You’ll find the “Edit Page” option to the right of your squeeze page.

Edit page option in

Here’s what the landing page editor looks like: landing page editor

The left panel is where you can add different elements to your landing page. vs Podia: Which is Better? (2023) 2

All in all, it’s hard to pick a winner when it comes to the landing page builders, so it’s a tie!

Email Marketing & Automation

On the free plan, Podia only gives you 250 email sends and unlimited contacts. offers a generous 2000 subscribers and unlimited email sends. vs Podia: Which is Better? (2023) 3
So, as far as the free plan is concerned, the free plan of is far better.

Here’s a screenshot from Podia’s official website: vs Podia: Which is Better? (2023) 4

You get unlimited subscribers on Podia, but the number of people you can send your emails to is limited to 250 on the free plan, 5000 on the Mover plan, and so on.

Whereas let you send unlimited emails on every plan.

Course Creation

As for course creation, lets you create 1 course on the free plan.

Although you can create a free course on Podia as well, it remains in the draft.

Your cost on Podia can only go live on a paid plan.


Podia lets you create a webinar for free, but it remains in the draft.

Podia webinars doesn’t offer free webinars. It doesn’t even have a webinar option on the basic paid plan.

Evergreen webinars in Vs Podia: Verdict!

Both and Podia offer everything you need to grow a business online.

But, if I had to choose one, I’d go with

This is because the platform is more cost-effective ($27/month vs the $39/month of Podia).

Plus, you can create and build an email list of 2000 subscribers on the free plan, create and sell a course, and send unlimited emails.

Probably the only drawback of is that you can’t create evergreen webinars on the free and even the basic paid plan.

But, that’s only going to be an issue if your business depends on webinars.


Podia Vs Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Podia vs

How Good is is one of the best and most cost-effective all-in-one digital marketing platforms. You can create landing pages, sales funnels, email marketing automation, webinars, and do much more with it. The free plan of is more than enough to help you start selling.

Is Free Forever?

Yes, has a free forever plan where you get 2000 email subscribers for free. You can start selling anything for free and once earnings start rolling, shift to a paid plan.

What’s Podia Good For?

Podia is great for selling online courses, creating webinars, designing sales funnels, and running email marketing automation.

What’s Good For? is great for selling anything from digital products to online courses.’s funnel builder is a great tool for building an audience, generating leads, and selling anything. Vs Podia: Wrapping Up!

This was all about vs Podia. I hope you have a clear understanding of what both tools offer and which one is more cost-effective for you.

The good thing is you can create free accounts on both platforms and test the waters for yourself.

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