AiWiseMind Review: Is It Worth It?

AIWM isn’t your average content creation tool. Nope, this one is powered by the latest AI technology and keeps on getting better and better!

It’s like having your own personal content generator that knows all the SEO secrets to get your website noticed by Google.

With AiWiseMind, you can create long-form, SEO-friendly content in a snap, whether it’s informative articles, product reviews, or even those coveted product round-ups.

AiWiseMind automatically writes:

  • Informational articles
  • General product reviews (Single and multiple)
  • Amazon product reviews (Single and multiple)
  • RSS feeds
  • Articles from YouTube videos/playlists

Just from a single command!

On top of that, it’s all SEO-optimized.

The best part? The basic monthly plan is cheaper than a single outdoor dinner in most countries.

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Want to know more about AiWiseMind before getting it? Let’s dive into the full review.

Table of Contents

How AiWiseMind Works

Here’s a demo video of AiWiseMind:

AiWiseMind Walkthrough
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Streamlined Content Creation

With AiWiseMind, creating content becomes effortless. The tool has a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to search and create content for any product.

Whether you are promoting a specific product on your website or need content on a particular topic, AiWiseMind can automatically generate content and embed affiliate links to help you earn commissions.

It takes the hassle out of content creation, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

WordPress Integration

AiWiseMind seamlessly integrates with WordPress, making it convenient for users to set up WordPress websites for their affiliate marketing needs.

The integration ensures a smooth workflow and allows for easy scheduling and auto-posting of newly generated content.

Additionally, users have the option to manually edit the content before posting, giving them full control over the final output.

The comprehensive tutorials provided by AiWiseMind guide users every step of the way, ensuring a hassle-free content creation process.

Multimedia Integration and Affiliate Links

The addition of rich multimedia, such as images and videos, enhances the visual appeal and engagement of your content.

AiWiseMind automatically embeds these multimedia elements, making your content more captivating for readers.

Furthermore, the tool seamlessly integrates affiliate links into the content, providing the potential for increased revenue through every article.

By including these affiliate links in your content, you not only bring in revenue but also provide value to your readers by recommending products and establishing trust.

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What Can AiWiseMind Do?

AiWiseMind can be used in various ways to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.

Product Reviews

AiWiseMind Review: Everything You Should Know

AiWiseMind can generate detailed and informative product reviews, helping you promote specific products and earn commissions.

With its AI-powered capabilities, the tool can analyze product features and reviews, providing a comprehensive overview that assists your audience in making purchasing decisions.

Informational Articles

If you’re looking to provide valuable and engaging content to your audience, AiWiseMind can help you create informative articles on a wide range of topics.

The tool utilizes its AI capabilities to gather relevant information from reputable sources, ensuring that the content generated is accurate and up-to-date.

You can monetize your content with AdSense, Ezoic, and any other ad network with this type of content.

Informational articles are great for authority-building as well. So, if you’re a business, you can use this type of content to establish yourself in your industry and sell more.

Amazon Product Reviews and Round-ups

AiWiseMind simplifies the process of creating Amazon product reviews and round-ups.

The tool can automatically search and gather information about specific products, allowing you to create comprehensive reviews and recommendations that drive sales.

With AiWiseMind, you can create an Amazon Affiliate website within an hour.

Then, let AiWiseMind publish content automatically on your blog.

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New Feature (Convert YouTube Videos/Channels Into Articles)

With AIWiseMind’s latest feature, you can convert YouTube videos and channels into fully functional websites.

Yes, you heard that right. This new AI-powered tool allows users to enter a YouTube channel, video, or playlist URL, and AIWiseMind will pull videos from the search result page to create engaging posts for the website.

Whether you’re looking to create product review videos or informational content, this feature gives you the flexibility to customize the content title, add affiliate links, embed videos, and even include the YouTube video description.

Plus, with options to rewrite the description and choose where it appears within the article, the possibilities for unique and captivating content are endless.

With AIWiseMind, you can unlock the potential of your own YouTube channel or legally use and repurpose other YouTube channels to generate income through affiliate marketing or AdSense.

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Convert YouTube Videos & Channels To Websites Using AI

If you’re someone who frequently uses YouTube as a source of information or entertainment, you might have come across certain videos or channels that you wished were organized in a more accessible and user-friendly format. Thankfully, AIWiseMind has introduced a new feature that allows you to convert YouTube videos and channels into fully functional websites using artificial intelligence.

Overview of AIWiseMind’s New Feature

The new feature offered by AIWiseMind revolutionizes the way we interact with YouTube content.

It enables you to create websites that are dedicated solely to your favorite YouTube channels or videos.

Benefits of Converting YouTube Videos & Channels to Websites

There are numerous benefits to be gained from using AIWiseMind to convert YouTube videos and channels into websites.

Firstly, it enhances accessibility and convenience. By having dedicated websites, you can easily access your preferred content without distractions or the need to navigate through YouTube’s cluttered interface.

Furthermore, converting YouTube videos and channels to websites opens up opportunities for customization.

You have the flexibility to modify the content titles and even include affiliate links.

This allows you to integrate your own personal touch and potentially generate income through affiliate marketing.

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Using AIWiseMind to convert YouTube videos and channels into websites is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this innovative feature:

Entering YouTube Channel, Video, or Playlist URL

To get started, simply enter the URL of the YouTube channel, video, or playlist that you want to convert into a website. AIWiseMind will then analyze the content and generate a website template based on the provided URL.

Pulling Videos for Website Creation

Once the URL is entered, AIWiseMind intelligently pulls the videos from the YouTube source and organizes them in a visually appealing manner within the website template.

This ensures that your website showcases all the videos from the selected YouTube channel, video, or playlist.

Customizing Content Title and Adding Affiliate Links

AIWiseMind allows you to customize the content titles to your preference.

You can give each video or playlist a unique and descriptive title, making it easier for visitors to navigate your website.

Additionally, for those interested in monetization, you have the option to add affiliate links to the videos or channels showcased on your website.

Embedding Videos in Website Content

To enhance the user experience, AIWiseMind seamlessly embeds videos into the website content.

Visitors can easily watch the videos without being redirected to YouTube. This eliminates distractions and ensures a seamless viewing experience within the website itself.

Including YouTube Video Description in Website Content

To provide additional context and information about each video, AIWiseMind gives you the option to include the original YouTube video description in the website content.

This can be particularly useful for viewers who are exploring your website for the first time, as it helps them understand the content in more detail.

Creating Posts from Existing Videos

AIWiseMind enables you to leverage your existing YouTube videos by turning them into individual posts on your website.

This feature allows you to expand the reach of your content and provide your audience with more opportunities to engage with your videos.

Continuous Monitoring for New Videos

One of the standout features of AIWiseMind is its continuous monitoring for new videos on the selected YouTube channel.

As soon as a new video is uploaded, AIWiseMind automatically updates your website, ensuring that it always reflects the latest content from your favorite YouTubers.

Specifying Number of Posts and Scheduling Publishing

For those who prefer a more controlled content creation strategy, AIWiseMind allows you to specify the number of posts you want to generate from the YouTube channel, video, or playlist.

This enables you to curate your website based on your preferences and schedule the publishing of new posts accordingly.

Scheduling Options: ‘One a Day’ Content Creation

To maintain consistency and keep your audience engaged, AIWiseMind offers the option to schedule content creation at a regular pace, such as ‘one post a day.’

This automation feature ensures a steady flow of fresh content on your website, enticing visitors to return regularly for new videos and updates.

Creating Unique YouTube Videos

While AIWiseMind is primarily focused on website creation, it also encourages and facilitates the creation of unique YouTube videos.

The platform provides various tools and resources to help YouTubers develop their own content that stands out from the crowd. From video editing software to royalty-free music libraries, AIWiseMind equips creators with everything they need to produce engaging and original videos.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

AIWiseMind understands the importance of originality and uniqueness in the online realm. To prevent duplicate content issues, the platform ensures that the YouTube videos converted into websites are not plagiarized or duplicated from other sources.

This safeguard is crucial in maintaining your website’s credibility and ensuring that your content is authentic.

Managing Multiple Campaigns on the Same YouTube Channel

For more seasoned YouTubers who manage multiple campaigns on the same channel, AIWiseMind simplifies the process by providing a seamless interface to manage and organize different campaigns. This allows you to keep your website content organized and easily accessible to your audience.

Posting to WordPress

For those who prefer to use WordPress as their website management platform, AIWiseMind offers seamless integration. You can conveniently post your YouTube video and channel websites directly to your WordPress site, making it easier than ever to manage and share your content.

Seamless Integration with WordPress Platform

AIWiseMind’s integration with WordPress ensures that the converted YouTube videos and channels look and function flawlessly on the WordPress platform. This means that your website visitors will have a consistent and user-friendly experience when exploring your content, irrespective of the platform they are accessing it from.

Determining Video Type Automatically

AIWiseMind’s AI algorithms are designed to automatically determine the type and category of each YouTube video.

This intelligent feature helps in the process of content creation by suggesting relevant tags, keywords, and meta descriptions that can optimize your website’s visibility and reach.

Creating Content Around YouTube Videos

AIWiseMind goes beyond simply converting YouTube videos into websites. It helps you create engaging and informative content by providing suggestions and prompts based on the video’s content.

This ensures that your website not only showcases the videos but also adds value through well-curated and contextualized content.

Using YouTube Videos from Other Channels via Embedding

AIWiseMind is not limited to content from your own YouTube channel. It also allows you to incorporate videos from other YouTube channels by embedding them into your website.

This opens up opportunities for collaboration and the creation of comprehensive websites that cater to various niches and interests.

Generating Income through Affiliate Marketing and AdSense

Monetizing Websites Based on YouTube Content

AIWiseMind offers multiple avenues for content creators to monetize their websites. Since the converted websites are dedicated to YouTube videos and channels, you can leverage this platform to generate income by displaying ads, sharing affiliate links, or through other monetization strategies.

Opportunity for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn income, and AIWiseMind integrates seamlessly with this strategy. By incorporating affiliate links within your website’s content, you can earn a commission for any resulting purchases made by your website visitors. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for content creators to turn their passion into a profitable venture.

Utilizing AdSense for Revenue Generation

In addition to affiliate marketing, AIWiseMind supports the integration of AdSense, Google’s widely used advertising platform. By joining AdSense, you can display ads on your website and earn revenue based on the number of impressions and clicks generated. This creates an additional income stream for YouTubers and website owners looking to generate revenue through their content.

Upcoming Features

New Features in Development

AIWiseMind is constantly evolving and working on new features to enhance the user experience and expand its functionality. Some upcoming features include social media integration, allowing you to share your converted YouTube website on various platforms, and mobile optimization for a seamless browsing experience on smartphones and tablets.

Enhancements and Additions for AIWiseMind

Alongside new features, AIWiseMind also focuses on improving existing aspects of its platform. This includes refining the AI algorithms for better content suggestion and customization, as well as offering additional templates and themes to cater to a wide range of aesthetic preferences.

In conclusion, AIWiseMind’s innovative feature of converting YouTube videos and channels into websites using AI revolutionizes the way we interact with YouTube content. It offers numerous advantages, such as enhanced accessibility, customization options, and opportunities for monetization. Its seamless integration with WordPress and continuous monitoring for new videos further simplifies content management and creation. With AIWiseMind, you can unlock the full potential of your favorite YouTube videos and channels, providing a more personalized and engaging experience for your audience. So why wait? Give AIWiseMind a try and elevate your YouTube experience to new heights!

Get your own Convert YouTube Videos  Channels To Websites Using AI: AIWiseMind - YouTube today.

Product Specifications

Content TypesInformational articles, product reviews, and more
IntegrationSeamless integration with WordPress
Multimedia IntegrationAutomatic embedding of images and videos
Affiliate LinksIntegration of affiliate links for revenue generation
Subscription PlansVarious plans available for individuals and teams

Who Is AiWiseMind For

AiWiseMind is ideal for affiliate and online marketers who are looking to create high-quality, SEO-enriched content.

The tool caters to the needs of both individuals and teams, and its versatility allows users to tailor their content strategies accordingly.

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a beginner, AiWiseMind’s comprehensive tutorials and support ensure that you have all the tools and guidance needed to succeed.

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Pros and Cons


  • Streamlined and automated SEO content creation
  • Super easy to use
  • Automatic embedding of multimedia and affiliate links
  • Seamless integration with WordPress
  • Automatic internal linking
  • Various subscription plans are available


  • Requires payment for OpenAI in addition to AiWiseMind
  • The basic plan doesn’t let you post on WordPress

AiWiseMind Pricing

AiWiseMind Pricing

The base plan comes at a super affordable $12 per month.

On it, you can generate 500 articles.

You can also create individual and roundup product review posts on this plan.

However, the base plan doesn’t integrate with your WordPress sites.

You can’t publish these articles directly on your site. Other features like internal linking, auto-schedule posts, and Amazon product reviews are absent as well.

But, overall it’s a fantastic deal if you can copy and paste your articles into your WordPress.

The “Essentials”, “Standard”, “Business”, “Professional”, and “Platinum” all come with similar features.

The main difference is in the number of articles you can create and publish on your WordPress sites automatically.

AiWiseMind pricing

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AiWiseMind Alternative (WordHero)

WordHero is a great AiWiseMind alternative because it lets you write virtually everything under the sun.

Plus, there’s a lifetime deal on the software on Appsumo.

The unlimited words deal may not be up for grabs forever.

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Why is AiWiseMind Better?

AiWiseMind is better than WordHero because it lets you create Google-friendly content in one click.

It fetches images from URLs, Google, and Pixabay. You can also make it generate AI images with DALL-E.

Plus, the $37/month plan lets you connect your WordPress sites and automatically schedule content.

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AiWiseMind Review: FAQs

Can I manually edit the content before posting?

Yes, AiWiseMind allows you to edit the content manually before posting, giving you complete control over the final output.

Does AiWiseMind support scheduling and auto-posting?

Yes, the tool offers scheduling and auto-posting features, allowing you to set up a publishing schedule for your newly generated content.

What type of content can I create with AiWiseMind?

AiWiseMind supports the creation of informational articles, product reviews, Amazon product reviews, and product review round-ups.

Do I need to pay for OpenAI as well?

Yes, users need to pay for both AiWiseMind and OpenAI, as both tools serve complementary roles in content creation and marketing optimization.

Does the Content Pass AI Detection?

AiWiseMind uses OpenAI to create content. AI detection doesn’t matter as Google itself says it doesn’t have a problem with AI content as long as it’s helpful.

Is the Content Plagiarism-Free?

Yes, while the content may not be 100% plagiarism-free all the time, it passes the detection with several tools.l For instance, I used Writerzen to check the plagiarism of two AiWiseMind posts, and it came out with 0%. Also, if it’s between 2 and 10%, you have nothing to worry about.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Plan Later?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan whenever you want.

Can I Use AiWiseMind for Clients?

Yes, you can use AiWiseMind for clients. You can sell them articles, create websites for them, and sell on-page SEO services.

Do I Need My Own OpenAI API Key?

Yes, you will need to connect your OpenAI key to AiWiseMind to get it to work. You will need to set up a pay as you go plan, which fortunately, is super cheap.

What Customers Say About AiWiseMind

Customers who have used AiWiseMind have praised its ease of use and the quality of content it generates.

They appreciate the tool’s integration with WordPress, as well as its ability to embed multimedia and affiliate links seamlessly.

Users find the comprehensive tutorials to be extremely helpful in guiding them through the content creation process.

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Overall Value

AiWiseMind provides immense value to affiliate and online marketers.

Its AI-powered capabilities, WordPress integration, scheduling and auto-posting features, and automatic embedding of multimedia and affiliate links make it an essential tool for content creation and marketing optimization.

The tool’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive tutorials, and support ensure that users have all the resources needed to create high-quality, SEO-enriched content and achieve success in their affiliate marketing efforts.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To get the best results with AiWiseMind, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Customize the generated content to align with your brand’s voice and style.
  • Utilize the scheduling and auto-posting features to maintain a consistent publishing schedule.
  • Regularly update your content to ensure it remains relevant and up-to-date.
  • Leverage multimedia elements to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your content.
  • Monitor and analyze the performance of your affiliate links to optimize revenue generation.


In conclusion, AiWiseMind is a comprehensive solution for affiliate and online marketers looking to create high-quality, SEO-enriched content that drives revenue. Its AI-powered capabilities, seamless WordPress integration, scheduling and auto-posting features, and automatic embedding of multimedia and affiliate links make it an indispensable tool in the content creation process. With its comprehensive tutorials and support, AiWiseMind guides users every step of the way, ensuring success in their affiliate marketing endeavors.

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