Marketing Blocks Review: Is it Worth It?

If you’re searching for AI-powered marketing automation software to generate more leads, Marketing Blocks is definitely worth a look.

With its wide range of features, including an…

  • AI Writer
  • AI Page Builder
  • AI Graphics Editor
  • AI Logo Maker
  • AI Video Editor
  • AI Content Briefs
  • AI Image Tools

…this software can be game-changer for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

But before you invest your time and money into it, you might want to learn more about what Marketing Blocks offer.

In this review, we’ll explore each of these features and provide an honest assessment of what this software can and can’t do.

Let’s get going.

Marketing Blocks Review: Everything You Should Know

Marketing Blocks Review

The cool thing is that you can start testing Marketing Block’s features with a free account.

Just sign up here and explore its different AI tools for yourself.

First, let’s take a look at “Chatblocks”, a ChatGPT alternative by Marketing Blocks.

After signing up, click on “Chatblocks” at the top-right and ask your chatbot friend “Ethan” anything you want.

Here’s how my first short conversation with the AI friend went:

Marketing Blocks review: Chatblocks review
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Things to like about Chatblocks right off the bat:

  • Its “Search on the Web” feature
  • It doesn’t consume any credits

This means you can search the web and get it to write anything without any limits.

Here’s the “Search on the Web” feature in action:

Marketing Blocks (ChatBlocks) review

As you can see, Ethan goes ahead and searches the web for the latest information to answer your query. Cool!

This is where Marketing Blocks can really blow your mind:

Click on the “+” Icon and you’ll see a list of other AI tools you can use right here.

Chatblocks review

But, before we dive into other AI tools, let’s look at Marketing Block’s AI templates.

The platform comes with a laundry list of pre-built prompts. Technically, they’re called “Templates”.

I’ve used one of the templates “Marketing Plan” for my online business blog.

Marketing plan by Marketing Blocks

The outcome of the template was pretty decent.

Having all these templates means you won’t have to develop your own prompts.

For instance, if you want to write a Facebook ad, here’s how Marketing Blocks can help:

Prompt builder by Marketing Blocks

As you can see, to get it to write a Facebook ad, all you have to do is provide the basic information.

It’ll write a complete Facebook ad for you.

Facebook ad by  Marketing Blocks template

Super powerful! And free!

Again, this means you won’t have to build your own prompts.

Although you can always ask Ethan to create any type of content for you with a customized prompt (Instructions).

Talk to Ethan for Free

Marketing Blocks AI Video Creator (Review)

Marketing Blocks AI Video editor Review

This tool creates automated videos with just text prompts. This means you’ll just have to provide it with a video script and it’ll take care of the rest (Voice-over, text overlay, and background videos).

This single feature is a replacement for tools like InVideo and Lumen5. With Marketing Blocks, it’s just one of the many features you get.

Try Marketing Blocks AI Video Creator

Marketing Blocks 2.0 AI Page Builder

Marketing Blocks 2.0 Review (Building landing pages with AI)

MarketingBlocks offers an AI-powered page builder for creating landing pages, promo videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, emails, voiceovers, blog posts, art, and more.

Users can choose from ready-made templates or create pages from scratch using the drag-and-drop builder.

The AI creates layouts, writes copy, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to create high-converting landing pages in just minutes.

Features of this feature include:

  • Conversion-optimized templates
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Done-for-you drag-and-drop sections
  • Tracking and retargeting pixels
  • In-built timers
  • Mobile-responsive pages
  • Email opt-ins
  • Customizable forms
  • And more

Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate your landing pages with third-party advertising, analytics, CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation tools.

In addition, You can access a huge library of royalty-free stock images, illustrations, icons, shapes, objects, and more to create pages that engage and convert prospects into buyers.

Who is Marketing Blocks 2.0 Best for?

Marketing Blocks 2.0 is a comprehensive tool that can help businesses of all sizes streamline their marketing efforts…

…but it may be particularly useful for those who are looking for an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge or coding skills.

Small business owners who don’t have a dedicated IT team or large budgets for website development may find Marketing Blocks especially helpful, as it offers a range of customizable templates and widgets that can be tailored to suit their specific needs.

Additionally, Marketing Blocks’ AI-powered Page Builder feature allows users to quickly and easily create responsive websites without having to worry about things like design grids or CSS coding.

This makes it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and business owners on a tight schedule who need to quickly set up a professional-looking website.

Learn More About Marketing Blocks 2.0

Other Marketing Blocks 2.0 Features

  • AI graphics designer
  • Spokesperson video
  • AI voiceovers
  • Transcriber
  • Voice changer
  • Art blocks
  • Image eraser (Remove unwanted objects from images)
  • Image enhancer (Improves the quality of images)
  • Image upscaler
  • AI background remover
  • Image colorizer
  • Image animer (Create animation with photos)
  • Stock explorer

Clearly, Marketing Blocks 2.0 is offering virtually everything a business needs to promote itself online.

The good thing is you can try this all-in-one AI digital marketing software for free.

Plus, you will have to pay a single monthly subscription for all these digital marketing tools in one dashboard.

Try Marketing Blocks Free

Marketing Blocks 2.0 Pricing

Marketing Blocks Review: Is it Worth It? 1

The free plan comes with 2,000 credits for life, while paid plans offer 50k credits to unlimited credits.

The pricing for the paid plans is $57/month or $570/year for MarketingBlocks (50,000 Credits).

The unlimited plan comes at $67 monthly and $267 per year.


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