Secret Email System Review: Not What You Think

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My Short Review of the Secret Email System:

It’s got everything you need to get started with affiliate email marketing.

In other words, build your affiliate business with email marketing the right way!

Plus, the 10 bonuses you get with the system make this deal a no-brainer for every aspiring affiliate. 

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Need to know more?

Let’s dive into the detailed secret email system review.

The Best Online Business Model

I get this question a lot “What is the easiest way to make money online?”. 

“Zain, I can’t do a lot of work. I just want you to tell me how to make money online EASILY”.

The question used to make me furious. 

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And why not?

I’ve been busting my a** to make a decent income for years.

I used to think there was nothing like easy money in the world. 

Until I got to know about this not-so-secret business model. 

Being a middleman!

To be honest, I had an idea of it before getting the secret email system from Matt Bacak. 

But, the system shows everything that has been working for top affiliates. 

Here’s a simple concept:

  • You get people to sign up for your email newsletter
  • Send automated emails in your follow-ups, promoting affiliate products
  • That’s it. 

But, while the concept is simple, it’s the tiny tweaks you make to your campaigns that make all the difference. 

Benefits of Being a Middleman

As a matchmaker, you don’t own the product. 

You make affiliate commissions by introducing the product to the right audience. 

There are no risks. 

No customer support.

You make money just by being an introducer!

The coolest part?

You get paid recurring commissions for subscription products. 

A true passive income!

Let’s compare this business model with others. 

Service-Based Business

A service-based business requires your content input. 

You have to exchange your time for money. 

This keeps you from building a truly passive income source. 

Plus, client acquisition and management can be hectic as well. 

Also, there’s a learning curve. 

E-Commerce and Dropshipping

E-commerce businesses take a lot out of you, including:

  • Copywriting
  • Ad spend
  • Product Sourcing
  • Customer service

You might be making a lot of moolah at the end of it all…

But…at what costs?

Information Products

Your own information product requires you to:

  • Learn a skill 
  • Teach that skill
  • Build an audience that’d buy it
  • Host it somewhere
  • Handle customers

Clearly, selling digital products is easier said than done!

On the flip side, here’re the:

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • No client acquisition and management
  • No customer dealing
  • No product sourcing
  • No product creation 
  • Not answerable to anyone except yourself

Importantly, you enjoy the compounding effects and build a truly sustainable online business. 

There are a few challenges though:

  • Partnering up with the right brands
  • Build an audience

But, there’s good news. 

Let me introduce to you Matt Bacak’s…

Secret Email System By Matt Bacak

Here’s what Matt Bacak’s LinkedIn looks like:

Secret Email System Review: Not What You Think 1

Matt has developed multi-million-dollar companies.

Although you may not have heard about Matt, many consider him an internet marketing legend. 

Best of all, he has revealed all of his secrets. 

In the form of the Secret Email System!

You can download it right now at a ridiculously low price of $5.60!

(Save over $31 by grabbing it at its current price here)

I couldn’t afford to miss out on this offer and grabbed a copy myself. 

Here’s my receipt:

Secret Email System Review: Not What You Think 2

If you’re a marketer or want to build a sustainable online business, this offer is a no-brainer. 

Secret Email System Review (High-Value Bonuses)

Bonus 1: 3X Formula Calculator

An in-depth breakdown of “Subscribers”, “Clicks”, and “EPC (Earnings Per Click)”. The spreadsheet helps you get clarity and focus and maximize your affiliate sales. 

Bonus 2: 1000 Email Swipes

Matt gives away his own 1000 email swipe files. These email copy pieces are responsible for $2.1 million in sales. 

You can tweak them according to your business and generate guaranteed results!

Bonus 3: Secret Of Millionaire Mind Book

Discusses the common habits of millionaires and how you can leverage them for success. 

Bonus 4: Gigantic Swipe File Book

A gigantic file with:…

Powerful words

Attention-grabbing headlines



…to help you get more opens and sales!

Bonus 5: New Leads Daily Masterclass (7 Traffic Sources Revealed)

How to generate consistent leads every single day!

Matt shows a number of awesome traffic sources in this free session. 

After taking the session (Watching the video), I can say that it’ll help you absorb the book’s content easily. 

You’ll learn several powerful ways to drive high-quality leads to your opt-in page/s. 

Bonus 6: Lead Gen Template 

Matt’s giving out his own lead generation template he used to generate over 350K leads for his businesses. 

Bonus 7: Private Facebook Group

You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group with over 20,000 email marketers. 

Learn, share, and network with top email marketers around the world. 

Bonus 8: Free Breakthrough Session With My Team

A 45-minute strategy session with Matt’s team to help you implement the secret email system effectively. 

Bonus 9: Secret Email System Checklist 

A to-do list to help you implement the secret email system in the right order. 

Bonus 10: Irresistible Offer Video Guide 

In this video session, Matt tells you how you can pick the best affiliate offers to promote.

All that on top of the Secret Email System!

However, all that can be overwhelming…

…making it difficult for you to know where to begin!

Let’s help each other. 

If you get the Secret Email System from this link (My affiliate link), I’ll share:

  • The email marketing tool I use to capture and nurture affiliate leads
  • Proven traffic sources for list-building (In addition to what Matt reveals in the Secret Email System)
  • How to sell affiliate products automatically to that list

You won’t have to test any tools, traffic sources, and manually outreach to sell affiliate products!

Just send me the receipt of your Secret Email System purchase to [email protected]

And I’ll send you my short, easy-to-understand guide!

How to Buy the Secret Email System

Click Here to visit the sales page.

Navigate to the following section:

Secret Email System Review: Not What You Think 3

You’ll be redirected to the checkout page. 

Enter your details and click the green “Checkout” button. 

That’s it. 

You’ll now see a Thank You page.

Your copy of the Secret Email System will be sent to your email. 

Just click on the link received in the email. 

You’ll be taken to a page. 

To download the Zip file, click on “Access Your Product”.

Secret Email System Review: Not What You Think 4

Download the Zip file with all the bonuses and the secret email book. 

Secret Email System Review: Not What You Think 5

Bonus: If you’ve purchased the Secret Email System through my affiliate link, you got yourself another bonus:

My step-by-step guide on how to leverage this powerful system as soon as possible…

Send your purchase receipt to [email protected]

Click here to get the Secret Email System + 10 Bonuses from Matt + 1 bonus from me!


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