Gelato Personalization Studio Review: Everything You Should Know

Did you know personalization can help you boost your e-commerce sales by 40%?

Gelato’s recently launched Personalization Studio takes the POD game to new heights.

Now, you can sell more of your POD products with automation and personalization.

Dive in to know everything you need to know about this new addition.

Gelato Personalization Studio: Detailed Walkthrough

Gelato Personalization Studio

What is Gelato Personalization Studio?

With Gelato’s new Personalization Studio, you can now allow your customers to customize their designs however they want.

This means they can add any text and/or images to their designs.

Gelato then takes care of the quality control and delivers the product to the customer’s doorstep.

Gelato Personalization Studio Integrations

Gelato Personalization Studio seamlessly integrates with your Etsy and Shopify stores.

This means your customers get more control over how their POD designs and products look.

They can make these edits on your Etsy and Shopify stores.

This can prove to be a real game-changer for your conversion rates.

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As soon as your customer finishes their designs, Gelato will take care of the rest.

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Shopify Integration

Of course, to integrate your Shopify store, you need to have an active subscription to Gelato’s Personalization Studio.

If you’re on the fence, get the free trial and try it out risk-free.

Go to the “Personalization Studio” on the left panel and click on “Try now” under “Sync Seamlessly with Shopify”.

Gelato Personalization Studio's integration with Shopify
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If you’re on the fence about subscribing to it just yet, get its free trial, risk-free!

Gelato Personalization Studio free trial

Now, before you can publish your personalized products, you’ll have to activate the “app embed” in your Shopify theme.

Simply go to your Shopify admin panel and click on “Online Store” and then “Themes”.

Shopify active theme for Gelato app embed

In front of your active them, click “Customize”.

Click on App Embeds on the left panel and toggle on the Gelato Personalizer.

Shopify Gelato personalizer

After this, you can start adding products to your Shopify store.

To do that, go to your store and click on “Add Product” > “Single Product”.

Gelato Personalization Studio Shopify integration: Adding products

Next, just select a product to customize.

Let’s pick a hoodie.

Add an image and text to your design and head over to the personalization tab.

Gelato Shopify personalization

There are two types of personalization:

Shopify in-page: Here, your customers can make edits to the design in real time, offering a seamless experience.

Editor: This will give your customer the same interface as the Gelato editor on your Shopify product page.

This editor gives you some control as to which elements you want to be personalizable. For instance, the position of the text.

Next, you can list your product by going through the remaining steps like adding a description and checking your listing from a customer’s perspective.

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Etsy Integration

To integrate your Etsy store with Gelato’s Personalization Studio, go to “Add Product” and select “Single Product”.

Gelato Etsy integration
Image Source

Then, select a product, for instance, mugs.

You can then add text and files (images) to your mug.

Go to the “Personalization” tab and add personalization layers.

These are layers you want to allow your customers to personalize.

Automated Etsy personalization with Gelato Personalization Studio

You can then check the design from a customer’s perspective by clicking on “Try it out”.

Etsy personalization with Gelato Personalization Studio

Next, go through the remaining steps to list your product.

Make sure to checkmark the “Activate the personalization field in my Etsy listing” option while optimizing the product page.

Activate the personalization filed in my Etsy listing option

As far as the order fulfillment is concerned, there are two options:

  • Automated
  • Manual

For Gelato to automatically fulfill the order as soon as a customer finishes a design, you don’t have to do anything.

However, you can review each order before Gelato creates, ships, and delivers it.

To do that, go to your “Settings” page and tick-mark the “Manually approve personalized orders with automated Etsy Personalization ” option.

Manually approve personalized orders with Automated Etsy Personalization

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Gelato Personalization Studio: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some questions you might have about the Gelato Personalization Studio.

What is the Gelato Personalization Studio?

Gelato Personalization Studio lets you automate the design aspect of your print-on-demand business, giving more control to your customers, and eventually boosting your conversion rates.

Does Gelato Personalization Studio Save Time?

Yes. On Shopify, it allows real-time personalization right in your store. On Etsy, your customers, you can automate the personalization process. The result? You get more time to focus on progress rather than design and technicalities.

How Does the Automated Etsy Personalization Work with Gelato?

On Etsy, your customer can submit their request and the platform automatically approves the order and fulfills it. You also have the manual approval option where you review the design before approving it for fulfillment.

Can I Charge Extra for Personalized Products in Gelato?

Absolutely, it’s your product. You can charge whatever price you want in exchange for offering more customization options and personalization to your customers.

How Much Does the Gelato Personalization Studio Cost?

Gelato Personalization Studio pricing
Image Source

Verdict: Gelato Personalization Studio

With Gelato’s new Personalization Studio, it’s now easier than ever to personalize your products.

All you’ll have to do is add your product, personalize your designs, and sell the products.

The control Personalization Studio gives your customers can be a game-changer for your conversion rates.

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