Vidnoz AI Review: Create Human-Like AI Videos Free

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you must have seen AI avatar videos on social media.

Vidnoz AI is probably the best tool to make videos like those.

In this Vidnoz review, I’m going to dive into the benefits, drawbacks, and use cases of Vidnoz AI.

So, if you’ve been on the fence, by the end, you’ll have everything you need to make the right decision.

Vidnoz Review (Short One)

vidnoz ai review

Vidnoz AI is inarguably one of the best AI avatar video creators out there right now. 

The tool lets you create human-like AI videos in a jiffy. 

On top of the quality, Vidnoz comes with a generous free plan. You can create 1-minute free videos daily on it. No credit card is required. 

If you want to try it out, risk-free, get your free plan here

However, if you want to know more before even using it for free, this review is for you. 

In this Vidnoz AI review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this new AI avatar video creator. 

Let’s jump in. 

Vidnoz AI Detailed Review

What is Vidnoz AI?

Vidnoz AI: Create Free AI Videos in 1 Minute

Vidnoz AI is a freemium AI video creator with a lot of additional video marketing features.

With this piece of software, you will never have to get in front of the camera and….

…can still make engaging videos.

If you’re a content creator, a small business owner, or a freelancer who wants to sell video creation/editing services…

…Vidnoz AI is for you.

Here’s what you can do with Vidnoz AI for free:

Vidnoz AI free tools

Enough with talking. Let me give you a sneak peek into what the tool can do.

Here’s an example YouTube video I created with Vidnoz AI.

It’s a product review, so I’ve used a screenshot from the sales page with a talking avatar at the bottom-right corner.

There’s a lot more you can do with Vidnoz AI.

Here’s a short-form YouTube video of an AI avatar talking into the camera with gestures and realistic lip movements:

You can change the backgrounds of your videos, add your own voiceovers if you want, and showcase captions for better engagement.

Here’s a long-form, informational YouTube video:

Get Your Free Vidnoz Account

As you can see, Vidnoz lets you add background videos/images, captions, realistic voiceovers, and more.

However, while editing this video, I did have to copy and paste the script for every scene.

This can be a bit time-consuming, but worth the effort.

Who is Vidnoz AI For?

Course Creators

Vidnoz can be an all-in-one platform for course creators.

You can use its wide range of avatars to connect with different segments of your target audience.

Plus, thanks to its AI script writer, you don’t have to create the entire content yourself.

There are a variety of templates, avatar dressing, AI voiceovers, and backgrounds to make your videos engaging.


If you’re a content creator on YouTube Vidnoz could be the solution to all your video production needs.

It’s a special tool for camera-shy creators and YouTubers who run faceless channels.

You can create long-form as well as short videos with Vidnoz.

Short Video Creators

Vidnoz lets you create engaging short-form videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest videos.

You can pick a template and add your content to it. Or, you can start from scratch and customize your video in detail.

I’d suggest playing around with its different tools.

Vidnoz AI Pricing

Vidnoz AI pricing

Thankfully, you can create 1 minute of AI avatars or talking head videos on Vidnoz’s free plan.

The only caveat is that it will have a small Vidnoz watermark at the bottom corner.

Create a Free Vidnoz Account Here

The paid plans aren’t that expensive considering the features and tools it offers.

For instance, you can create 15 minutes of videos on the starter plan for a little over $20/month.

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