How to Make Money on Instagram Without Followers

What if I told you don’t need any followers on Instagram to make an income from it?

That’s right. There are multiple ways you can monetize your Instagram account right from the word go.

In this guide, I’m going to tell you all those methods in detail.

Whether you have zero followers, a few hundred followers, or are an established Instagrammer, you’ll find a lot of value in this post.

Let’s dive in.

5 Ways to Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

Number 1: Instagram Affiliate Marketing

To me, the best way to make money on Instagram is by promoting relevant products as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is like working as a commission-based salesman for a company or brand.

The brand gives you a personalized affiliate link that’s trackable to your affiliate ID.

Whenever someone clicks on your link and purchases a product, you get a commission.

This commission can be as low as $2 or as high as $1000.

High-ticket affiliate marketing involves promoting expensive digital products.

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For instance, detailed courses and 1-on-1 mentorships.

There are affiliate networks that you can join and work with multiple brands easily.

For instance, Impact lets you apply to different brands as an affiliate.

Once approved, you can promote these brands and make affiliate commissions.

Other popular affiliate networks are:

The best part is you don’t need a website or blog to be successful with these platforms.

However, since it’s a simple business model, the competition in most niches is fierce.

The good thing is ou can promote an affiliate product in plenty of ways, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts and DMs
  • Platforms like Pinterest where people search for stuff
  • Quora and Yahoo answers
  • YouTube
  • Niche site/blog

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing with no Instagram followers, get this free course.

Number 2: Marketing Funnels

How to Make Money on Instagram Without Followers 1

You can have no Instagram followers and still make money with marketing funnels.

Here’s how marketing funnels work.

Someone views your Instagram post and clicks the link in your bio.

The link in your bio takes the viewerer to a landing page.

The landing page then captures their email address.

Lastly, you can use email marketing to sell relevant products again and again.

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Number 4: Website Traffic

You don’t need an Instagram following to get viewers to your website.

All you need to do is get the platform’s users to visit your web page.

You can do that by including a call to action at the end of a Reel or a post.

For instance: Visit our website “yourwebsite” to explore more.

Number 5: Sell Your Services

If you offer a freelance service or have a piece of software to sell, Instagram can help.

Create helpful and engaging content on informational topics on Instagram.

This will help you build your credibility in the industry.

Introduce your services as a perfect solution to the problems they might be facing.

Number 6: Sell E-Commerce Products

how to sell ecommerce products through Instagram

Lastly, you can use Instagram shippable posts to sell e-commerce products.

You can also redirect the social traffic to your e-commerce store with a simple call to action.

Make Money On Instagram Without Followers: FAQs

Can You Make Money on Instagram Without Followers?

Yes, you can make money on Instagram without followers. Some prominent ones are affiliate marketing, selling services, selling digital products, using funnels to build an email list, and generating traffic to your website.

Can I Earn Money by Posting Photos on Instagram?

Yes, you can make money by posting photos on Instagram. You can add a call to action at the end of your content and get people to visit a particular web page. On that web page or landing page, you can sell anything relevant or build an email list.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on Instagram?

You don’t need to have any particular number of followers on Instagram to make money on it. You can sell digital products, do affiliate marketing, and drive traffic to any web page to monetize it.


Now that you have multiple ways to monetize an Instagram account without having to build a following, it’s time to take action.

Note that getting traffic to any external page requires attention-grabbing and engaging content.

Make sure you create high-quality content consistently and use actionable CTAs to monetize an Instagram account with little to no followers.


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